WOTB wk24 2013

  • Matt has finally finished the Modern Garden Design London and landscaping in North London. The Holloway site has taken a lot longer than expected, due mostly to the prolonged winter and continued rainy weather. It was a fairly large project that should have taken around 4 months rather than the six it has actually taken!
  • The garden build in Woodford is coming along nicely. The perspex has been attached to the posts to complete the screens (just the protective film to remove when the project is finished. There was an issue with the levels at the back of the garden and the client wanted to find a way to bring the soil level down and hide the ugly gravel boards on the back fence. Matt suggested building a railway sleeper bed, which has now been completed and stained the same colour as the fence posts.
  • The landscapers in east London are continuing to build the Highams Park garden. They have installed more of the paving and started staining the railway sleeper walls and pergola. The walls are being stained in a patchwork style with strips of different colours, which is both tricky and time consuming but should look good once completed.
  • Katrina went to visit a couple wanting a garden designer in West London. They had bought a Garden Consultation voucher via one of the experience sites and were looking to get some inspiration for their garden. Having lived in the property for a few years they were finally getting round to giving their garden a facelift. There is a stream running along the bottom of the space which we decided to leave exposed as it was such a lovely feature. The design gives a low maintenance solution with a nod towards a nautical theme.
  • Earth Designs is featured in this month’s Real Homes magazine with a large article all about contemporary family garden design. The garden in Sevenoaks that we constructed a few years ago has been very well received by the general public and it is always a real delight for us when we see our name up in lights. The four page spread features lovely luxurious images by Marcus Harper and looks fabulous in print.
  • Work continues in the studio on the garden design in Hackney. The design and layout is now drawn, Katrina just needs to design the planting scheme and put the presentation boards together to display to the client in the next couple of weeks.
  • Katrina is also waiting to present the boards to the client who commissioned the garden design north London. The presentation is finished and ready to go.
  • A past client who commissioned one of our ‘garden design by post’ a couple of months ago has contacted us. She was very happy with the package we produced for her garden design in Wales, but unfortunately her planning application was refused. She has come back to us to commission a new plan for the space using the planning departments comments and guidelines, so hopefully she can proceed with the build this time