Modern Garden Design Presentation – Wildlife Friendly

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This plot is a typical garden in an east London terrace property. It has been neglected for several years and is in need of an overhaul. The client wishes to create a modern garden design with a focus on wildlife friendly planting that is also low maintenance and practical garden. This project would be the first of several refurbishment projects that the client will be undertaking in and outside the property.


The design aims to create a simple courtyard garden with a focus on bird and bee friendly planting. Indian sandstone paving laid on a diagonal in a stretcher pattern helps to create the illusion that the garden is wider than it is. Staggered edging to the paving will add interest to the design and create planting beds and pockets that give the garden more of an unstructured natural feel. An L-shaped outdoor rattan sofa can provide ample seating.

Two rectangular railway sleeper raised beds will give the client the opportunity to grow fruit and herbs. The right hand boundary would be replaced with closeboard fences to give added privacy. The garden would also benefit from storage units placed along the sideway, a bird table, an outside tap and a retractable clothes line. A blossom tree in back left corner will give the garden height and interest and provide a food source for insects and birds.

family garden design
family garden design