Modern Garden Design – some ideas from Robin Day’s dividers.

garden design

This modern garden design focuses on the geometric compartmentalised nature of Robin Day’s room dividers. It is a common trend to divide gardens up into smaller sections and executed properly this can be a very effective approach when planning your garden layout.

Modern Garden Design Ideas

This concept replicates the sectioning of the divider with two distinct decked areas. This creates a large terrace right by the back entrance to the garden. Half the terrace is covered by a timber framed pergola, creating shade and lighting opportunities. Nestled next to the second area of decking is a large rendered planter, containing within its structure secondary planters of varying heights and sizes.

This burst of disorder, echoing the central panel of the room divider, is also picked out in the centre of the space,  with a large pebble mosaic creating a juxtaposition of styles. Planting in the two spaces to either side of the pebble mosaic floor will be simple and sparse, possibly a low hedge or evergreen shrub. The back central area of planting will feature taller, more striking panting, such as a bank of phormiums.