Concrete tiles – the ultimate material in modern garden designs.

garden design

Modern garden designs – its often what my clients want. But what is modern? We have been going to over 12 years and what was modern and fresh in 2003 is not so in 2015. Yes it is now easy to create a garden in a modern style – but its not new most of the time, it isn’t modernity. That is why finding a new product that I haven’t seen used in a domestic garden application really gets me excited.

modern garden designs - concrete tiles

It’s brilliant when someone rethinks the way we use a common material in a creative way. Concrete is ubiquitous as a building material but very rarely is found in a decorative context, which is what gets me excited about this product from Svoya Studio. Their concrete tiles are an aesthetic fusion of wallpaper (which I have always wanted to include in an ‘outdoor room’) and patterned tiles. The design on the tiles reminds of traditional Moroccan designs and I would love use them in a Moroccan themed design with a twist. The Svoya Studio, based in Ukraine, seems to be a power house of diverse creative with architects, designers and artist all working together under one roof. They work with practitioners from the visual arts, design, furniture and accessories, people working with different materials, wood, metal, glass and ceramics.

The website gives very little info about suitable applications for the tiles but I hope they can be used for exteriors – I don’t see why not. It would be great to find out whether they could also be used as a flooring material as well.