Modern Garden to light up my life – have a seat!

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Modern Garden to light up my life - have a seat!

Modern Garden furniture can make or break a space. A well chosen piece can help define the style and set the tonality of a patio, pergola or deck, while a badly considered item can stand out a mile. But above all, just as inside the house it needs to be comfortable. All too often clients focus on selecting a dining table and chairs for their garden when actually if there is a choice between sitting comfortably in a space and sitting up to a table I think most people would find a comfy seat would take precedence.

With this in mind these Sirchester Divano seats from Serralunga tick a few boxes. Funky and stylish, they offer both comfort and practicality. They also provide a light source, making them particularly special. Commonly used in public spaces such as hotel foyers and bars, when lit at night they create instant impact. Max Serralunga states: ‘Every year we experiment and try to find new ways of doing things. Our Sirchester is not a reproduction of that which already existed but something completely different.’