Modern Garden Planters – check out these bad boys!

garden design

Oh my I do love great modern garden planters. Whenever you want to pep up a garden without doing a full-on overhaul oversized planters are a great start if you can squeeze them in. If you want to freshen up a space without a massive spend planters can be just the  thing. Useful for creating division and screening, they can transform a space from drab to fab. Frame them in front of windows as focal points or use in multiples to create rhythm and give a your garden greater focus.

Fold me close!

These are scrummy! The origami-like bold geometric design would be a great addition to any garden that needs an injection of modernity. Use in repetition for balance and impact. I cannot think of many plants that wouldn’t work beautifully in them, but in particular I would play around with soft unstructured grasses or very ordered Buxus balls to explore both ends of the scale. Produced in the UK by Adam Christopher i think these are definately worth some airtime in anyones garden.

Modern Garden Planters