Moroccan Garden? How to add some RAZZMATAZZ to your garden!

garden design


Adding personality to your space is critical in making it interesting and exciting for everybody. If you add a pattern to the garden you’ll be elevating it to a whole new level which adds extra pounds to any space.

All too often I see gardens that are very bland and dull. Here are some ideas as to how you could achieve some real razzmatazz to your outdoor space.

This can be done with soft furnishings, imagine the deep integrated bench seat dressed with beautiful upholstered cushions. Also patterned tablecloths can really give a feeling of bringing the inside out.

Another weight at pattern would be drapes. If you have a pergola there is nothing gentler to a scheme in billowing fabric. Think washing on the line. It softens up the whole garden, adds movement, as well as a lovely dash of drama.

Pattern can also be added by using tiles such as Moroccan tiling. This really packs a punch all year round with it’s bright colours and sophisticated patterns. You can incorporate this into water features, as well as on walls of raised beds or feature walls. It really helps with any Moroccan garden theme to add a little bit of tiling.

You can always use different paving materials as well to add pattern and create interest. Mixing up different types of materials such as sandstone and slate or changing the pattern of laying can also create interest and make for an eye-catching touch in any garden space.