New to the Shed: ‘Light Up, Light Up’

garden design

If you have visited our portfolio you may have seen the garden we built last year in Wapping by the edge of the Thames.

The space was small and the client requested something bold, so we answered the brief by featuring a selection of items from Slide Design. Guaranteed to make a statement – funky Slide items certainly make a big noise in any garden scheme.

Made predominantly from an opaque polyresin, the products are both strong and lightweight. Many of the products are illuminated and will add a dash of colour to the space in grey winter months. Some items are functional, whilst others are whimsical objects designed to amuse and entertain.

Slide produce a range of bold and versatile contemporary furniture and plant pots which are also light sources, simply designed and easy to install. Some of the furniture is so bold one could argue that they double as sculptures as well. When space is limited, as it is in many gardens I design, any object with a dual purpose is invaluable. I was also surprised at how reasonably priced the items are. For the punch they pack, Slide lights represent great value for money.

Here’s what Slide have to say about their products:

There are three constant elements in production: the simplest plastic material – polyethylene –, the production technique – rotational moulding – and the creativity of the Italian and international designers involved with many catalogue products. Innovative, diverse and constantly updated, the SLIDE production range includes seats, tables, lamps, vases, bookcases and other items which combine just the right input of light with a lively choice of colour in a strong distinctive way, creating a unique suggestive atmosphere. Backed up by the “Made in Italy” stamp as a guarantee of quality and excellence, SLIDE products are designed to furnish modern living areas, whether domestic or public, interiors or exteriors.