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This typical North West London garden is owned by a young family who wish to create a more useable and friendly space. They bought the property from an elderly couple who had lived there for many years. The garden had been well maintained but was drab and uninspiring and offered little in terms of interest or excitement. The client requires provision for both adults and children and a storage area. We suggested that rather than having a dedicated play area for the children, the garden should have a playful nature throughout the space.

We suggest setting the new design at an angle to the garden, which will help to create the illusion of width. The garden will comprise three rectangular lawns, with a large rectangular deck directly outside the back offering ample space to accommodate a round table and chairs for eight people. A gravel pathway, interspersed with paving slabs in a stepping stone style, will lead through the space around the lawns. A series of timber archways over the path will add height and interest to what would otherwise be a very flat, one-dimensional design.

The middle section of grass will host a children’s swing, and a Wendy house will nestle in the planting beds to hide it from view from the house. We suggest using artificial lawn instead of real turf, which will allow the clients to place sandpits, paddling pools and other play equipment that might be detrimental to the health of real lawn.

The pathway continues down the garden, past deep triangular shaped beds, to terminate in second area of decking, positioned to catch the last of the evening sun. This area can also be used for a children’s area, or as a prime position for a hot tub. Planting throughout the garden will be predominantly evergreen shrubs to provide year round cover.

family garden design
family garden design