Outdoor fireplaces are increasingly becoming an essential part of most urban garden design. From small scale fire pits to full size fireplaces the magic of sitting around a fire with friends never fades. Maybe it’s something primeval within all of us – whatever the reason you are including fire in your garden it is sure to be a hit with everyone.

Sculptor Cathy Azria embraces this idea and exploits it to the max by producing a huge range of deliciously designed firepits for both the interior and exterior design market. Working for private clients, architects and decorators, her sculptural installations draw their inspiration from natural materials and organic forms. She explores the concept of fire in conjunction with metal, chosen both for its sculptural potential and for the way that it responds to heat, transforming into glowing forms.

Each piece that Cathy makes is unique and numbered by the artist so you are guaranteed to have a unique sculpture as well as a practical and attractive garden piece. With the option of flame effects as well as the real thing the possibilities are endless… however I suspect your budget might also need to be.