‘Outdoor Room’ garden design – weatherproof rugs by Freek

garden design

The whole outdoor room garden design concept is still strong with more and more people trying to create beautiful outdoor dining and living areas to complement their homes.

With interior space often at a premium the garden can now be very much viewed as an extension of the home and the exterior has become a premium space. I love this notion. As the market becomes inundated with more and more products that play on this idea (with many coming over from the states, where the climate has always encouraged a more al fresco lifestyle), the outdoor accessories market has become very exciting for a designer. Accessories are key. Think about the furnishings as well as the structure. Cushions, throws, tableware and lighting are all critical to pulling off the look.

I love what the Dutch company Freek brings to the party with their range of colourful rugs for the garden. Coming in a huge range of colours and patterns, they are soft and comfortable to walk on yet apparently can withstand any weather condition making them suitable for year round use. I think the portability of the rug is also a winner, especially for those in rented accommodation, as they it can be used to cover an unsightly patio or deck and simply rolled up if you move house.