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Pet owner’s garden design – it’s a dog’s life!

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These clients needed a pet owner’s garden design. They had a new-build in Rochford, Essex and were looking to landscape the garden with their dogs in mind. They wanted to create two spaces, one for themselves to enjoy, plus an area that they could fence off for the dogs so they didn’t damage the rest of the space.

Katrina suggested a large patio area directly outside the back door.

Using a variety of materials to make the most of space, this pet owner’s garden design was to incorporate the dog area in a subtle way.

The area directly outside the back door would be covered with open pergola and a fixed bench table.

Across the back, perspex screens will be positioned to separate the area behind that will be earmarked for the dogs.

The clients had a modern and bold design preference with great pops of colour.

They wanted to replicate the interior outside, and Katrina suggested using a motif of screens. One was to be made of mesh, one of decking, and one of Perspex.

Accompanying these was a motif of balls. One sphere of buxus shrub, one of stainless steel, and one polyurethane ball.

It’s all in the design

A large elliptical pathway swept through the centre of this area around the garden allowing access to the garage door on the right. It then continues up to the flat right hand corner of the space.

Three chunky archways spanning the width of the patio, will help with privacy from the houses that backed onto the garden.

The shady area in the back left of the space, was for the dogs. An area of lawn, and boxed hedges, kept this part of the garden separate for the dogs to be enclosed but without feeling like it was closed in. In the centre of the space, a large elliptical lawn spreads cross the garden.

Central to the whole plot, is a bed with plants such as cordylines and grasses.
Black limestone Indian sandstone would make up the patio spaces providing contrast and durability.

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Garden design hotline #37: Pet owner's garden design - it's a dog's life!