Grow a Friendly Space


The client is a keen gardener but the current space is uninspiring with few interesting features, and they are keen to make it more aesthetically pleasing. They do not want any grass but would like paved seating areas near the house and at the rear of the space. The design should have a traditional theme rather than a contemporary look and the client would like it to include Green Victorian glazed tiles. They would like a small greenhouse for growing new plants and ample storage for garden tools, cushions and other items.


This garden has something for everybody. Directly outside the back door a porcelain tiled patio allows plenty of room for pots as well as dining. A foldaway table and chairs will be stored to the right hand side next to which two storage cupboards are positioned, one clad in Perspex, the other in yellow blue out hardwood.

A storage trunk provides a dining seat as well as a place for pots to be positioned. This is backed by block wall clad in Green glazed Metro tiles.

The middle part of the garden is packed full of planting in soft pinks and purples. A variety of perennials and evergreen shrubs offer year-round interest. Directly behind the wall a quoted steel column planter provide some lovely contrast. A small greenhouse is also positioned along the left hand side. Opposite this a multi-stemmed Emma lankier has a second quote in steel column pot which is perfect for acid loving rhododendron. The flooring in this area is porcelain paving planks separated with evergreen ground cover.

Towards the back of the garden a second seating area for the positioning of a sofa making the most of the late afternoon and early evening sun. A decked area spans the width of the garden and runs up the existing fence providing a perfect backdrop for again positioning more pots and planters. And a irregular shaped pergola provides a space for Climbers as well as the framework for another storage unit. The pergola is also perfect for a swing. The existing fences will be kept but revived using Cuprinol urban slate.