Project Description

Contemporary Landscape Design

in Wanstead London


earth designs
The clients had recently moved into a new build home within a conservation area in Wanstead. The house was decorated in a contemporary style with bold furnishings and artwork. However the garden had received only basic landscaping by the builders and was a poor partner to the stylish interior. Although the client has an eye for bold design, a softer approach to the garden was necessary. The garden needed to be a haven in which Louise and Therese could relax and entertain. The design also needed to be child friendly and cater for their dog, Ben. As well as areas for dining and relaxing, the client wanted priovision for a hot tub. The clients preference was for bamboos and plants that aid relaxation through gentle movement and sound. Bamboos would also help to hide the fencing and create more privacy within the garden.


This design features a series of rectangular semi-enclosed decking walkways of various dimensions, leading the user on a journey of discovery through the space.

The design for this L-shaped garden has distinct areas for dining, lounging, entertaining and relaxation. The doors from the kitchen lead out onto a flexible dining area. A raised, rendered bed painted purple is planted with bamboo. This bed creates a bold backdrop and helps provide privacy to the dining area. A sturdy table constructed from railway sleepers, complemented by an L-shaped bench and sculptural cube stools, provides a flexible and informal solution to entertaining in numbers. This area was paved in a mint fossil sandstone which works with the pale coloured tiles of the kitchen floor. A lawn adjoins the dining area and a series of square beds planted with grasses and perennials for colour, texture and scent dominate the space. These beds continue into adjoining parts of the garden creating a strong cohesion, linking the dining area with the lounging area. An enclosure for Ben the dog was created in the back left corner, using railway sleepers set vertically into the ground at intervals, with a hinged gate constructed from decking boards allowing easy access. The area will be surfaced in pea gravel.

The area along the side of the house was surfaced with pea shingle, with a series of mint fossil sandstone stepping stones forming a path to a lounging area. This area features two large bespoke sofas constructed from railway sleepers. Tall planters placed along the side of the house opposite the sofas add greenery to the space, in addition to two small beds planted with climbers which will grow up the house wall on a system of tension wires. The opposite boundary is lined with bamboos to create privacy and a calming effect from the subtle sound of the foliage rustling in the breeze. A hot tub was positioned beyond the lounging area, close to the living room doors. This area was made private with bamboo planted between hot tub and lounging area. A weatherproof shade sail provides additional privacy and cover on hot summer days.

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