Project Description

Courtyard Garden

in East London


earth designs
This L-shaped garden had been neglected for some time before the current owner moved to the property. She desired a contemporary sleek look that would complement her newly decorated interior and enhance the new extension. A seating area and water feature were two key requirements, as was the need to make the space feel larger after the completion of the extension.


The garden features a decorative concrete and granite patio laid in a diagonal ‘wave’ pattern that appears to travel through the extension to create the illusion of spaciousness. Lines of beige granite setts break up the decorative concrete paving, providing continuity and a sense of movement through the garden. In the left hand corner an ellipse of yellow balau decking, backed by a raised brick planter, provides space for a cafe style table and chairs on which to enjoy both morning and afternoon sunshine.

The rear and left hand boundaries were replaced to provide a uniform and attractive backdrop to the garden, with a high yellow stock brick wall constructed along the rear boundary and a section of the side boundary. A striking, back-lit stainless steel water blade installed in the boundary wall in the right hand corner of the space cascades into a sunken reservoir mulched with Scottish beach pebbles. A narrow rill, also mulched with Scottish pebbles, snakes across the space to separate the decking and paved areas. Yellow groove bamboo and a luscious green cordyline provide striking feature planting around the decking, with evergreen flowering climbers adorning the boundary fences. A mixture of evergreen succulent rock plants give an understated sense of coastal living, in between which a select group of perennials appear to herald the changing seasons.

After building the extension I was concerned that my outdoor space had been reduced dramatically, but Katrina’s design has made the most of every inch of it. The wave pattern is a great talking point with guests as well! I am really pleased with the result Earth Designs has created

earth designs

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