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Essex Urban Garden Design


Earth Designs have years of experience working on all kinds of garden design in Essex. We are a skilled and reliable team of local garden designers and landscapers. On this page, we will take you through the process of designing specifically an urban garden in Essex.
Essex Urban Garden Design


This client had commissioned Earth Designs to design and build the garden at their previous home many years ago. As they were very happy with the result, Earth Designs were the natural choice to design the garden in their new home. They wanted to create a tranquil space in which to entertain and relax. Neither of them are very keen gardeners so were looking for a design that required minimal maintenance. They had inherited a deep koi pond from the previous owner which they were happy to retain.


The layout of the new design placed the features on an angle to create the illusion of greater width to the space. A large yellow balau hardwood deck adjoining the house offers ample space for outdoor furniture, with an angled decking pathway leading down to a ‘snug/bar’ structure at the bottom of the garden. Dubbed ‘Riffraffs’ by the clients, the structure has large glass windows and doors opening directly onto the decking path, allowing the clients to enjoy entertaining in the garden on colder nights.

The large koi pond was rendered and painted, with a coping of copper mosaic tiles around the top of the pond walls. Copper tiles were also used a decorative surround to a Corten steel water blade pouring from a feeder pool into the main pond. A timber pergola constructed around the pond adds height to the space, with a Corten steel decorative screen installed across the top to protect the fish from passing herons. The existing fences were painted black to create a stylish backdrop to the garden and make the planting stand out. The planting scheme was low maintenance, mainly focusing on foliage with a few soft pink blooms.

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Katrina’s design far exceeded our expectations. She encouraged us out of our comfort zone and delivered us with a space that we are so proud of. We have completely changed the way we feel about our house and we spend as much time as possible in the garden both relaxing and entertaining.

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