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Hot Urban Garden Design in Walthamstow


Earth Designs have years of experience working on all kinds of garden design in Walthamstow. We are a skilled and reliable team of local garden designers and landscapers. On this page, we will take you through the process of designing specifically a Hot Urban Garden Design in Walthamstow.
Hot Urban Garden Design in Walthamstow


The client has lived at the property number of years. During this time she has renovated the house interior and is now turning her attention to the garden. She is a keen horticulturalist, and would like a garden with no grass with provision for growing fruit and veg. The design should be practical and inviting to enhance her day to day lifestyle. There is an unsightly fence at the bottom of the garden that needs to be disguised and the existing Forsythia and Acer are to remain.


The design divides the garden into three distinct areas. A rectangular sandstone patio directly adjoining the house will form the first seating/dining area, with a hardwood decking L-shaped bench seat installed on the left-hand side. Sandstone paving slabs will be installed as stepping stones with a gravel infill along the sideway to allow access to a small wooden storage unit at the end.
A smooth hardwood decking walkway will lead from the first patio to a second paved area in the centre of the garden. This patio will be constructed from grey granite ‘planks’ laid on a diagonal stretcher pattern to add variety and texture to the space. A shorter decking walkway will continue up the garden to a final patio, also laid with sandstone slabs in a stretcher pattern, at the rear. This section will be large enough to accommodate a variety of garden furniture should the client wish.
The high fences across the rear boundary will be clad with an exterior grade cladding board to provide a blank canvas to enable the client to commission a piece of street art at a later date. Two large Corten (weathered steel) planters, one planted with a tall silver birch, will break up the middle section of the space, adding height and contemporary glamour to the design.
Planting will feature a variety of tall flowering perennials and willowy grasses with a colour pallet. The larger of the two corten steel planters will contain a selection of dwarf and espalier fruit trees.

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