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Earth Designs have years of experience working on all kinds of garden design in South London. We are a skilled and reliable team of local garden designers and landscapers. On this page, we will take you through the process of designing specifically a courtyard garden in South London.
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This small walled garden had sound, attractive sandstone paving throughout. However, due to a lack of planting and high walls on three sides, the space had a school yard/car park feel to it. Although the garden is east facing it does get quite a lot of sun and is generally warm due to the heat generated by a neighbouring dry cleaners. Access is an issue as the property is a basement flat located on a ‘red route’ into central London.

The clients have eclectic taste and are comfortable with juxtaposing different styles in the garden. They like colour and intend to use the space for entertaining. There is an existing, well-constructed shed which is to be retained and improved.


The overall layout of this small urban space did not change in the re-design. The existing paving was cleaned and slabs removed from around the edge of the upper level to accommodate flush planting beds. The unsightly asphalt roof of the shed was covered with luxury artificial turf to improve its appearance and add a dash of colour to the space. A large cube pergola was constructed in the centre of the space from green oak timber, from which a series of silver aluminium chain link curtains were hung to form a fluid decorative ‘wall’. The client’s existing table and chairs were placed inside this structure to create an unusual and intimate area for alfresco dining.

The client’s existing wooden daybed was moved to the rear left of the space and a bespoke water feature constructed against the rear wall. This feature was based on a traditional fireplace, to give this section of the garden a ‘living room’ ambiance. Constructed from chunky sections of green oak timber, the feature comprised a stainless steel water blade mounted on the fireplace ‘mantle’ from which water cascades into a cobble dressed reservoir in the flower bed below. The alcove above the mantle features a powder-coated steel ‘outdoor wallpaper’ on a Perspex backdrop. Taking pride of place above this was a life-sized moose head light, formed from polyresin and lit from within to create an eye-catching talking point.

The right hand boundary wall was adorned with a series of bespoke trellis screens of various dimensions. Fashioned from stainless steel mesh mounted on green oak ‘noggins’ to raise the screens away from the wall, these screens provide a unique frame upon which climbing plants can be trained.

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We are thrilled with our extended living space, in particular the newest member of our family – the moose! From initial meeting and design to the build, the service was professional and extremely high quality. Katrina and Matt have given us a garden which we are hugely proud of and very smug to now own.

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