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Modern Family Garden Design in West London


Earth Designs have years of experience working on all kinds of garden design in West London. We are a skilled and reliable team of local garden designers and landscapers. On this page, we will take you through the process of designing specifically a family garden in West London.
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This wide, shallow garden had few features other than a large tree overshadowing the space and was overlooked by a block of flats to the left. The client wanted to create a stylish and unusual family space with a focus on combining British and New Zealand plants.


In this design we sought to create a quirky yet stylish family space suitable for a variety of uses. The area directly adjoining the house was paved with Indian sandstone in a random lay pattern featuring a large paved circle slightly to the right of the main double patio doors. Metre wide curved paths lead around either side of an oval shaped lawn in the centre of the space. The left hand path leads to a second, smaller, paved circle in the left hand corner of the space, while the right path terminate in a small area of paving directly adjoining the existing shed in the to right corner of the space. All paving and lawn is edged with attractive granite sett bricks.

The paved circle outside the back door features a semi-circular fixed bench approximately 3m long, constructed from rendered blocks and capped with and Indian sandstone seat. The bench is backed by a tall rendered block raised bed, which acts as a backrest to the bench seat. Circular rendered planters planted with a large box ball frame the bench at either end, to give this seating area a sense of seclusion.

Large swirling and scrolling white rendered block walls provide an arresting focal point to the garden. Running down each side of the space, these walls undulate and taper in height, reaching a maximum of 1.8m in parts then dipping to almost ground level while curving around the space. At their highest points, the walls act as a frame to the circular paving to the left, and as a screen to the shed in the right hand corner.

The planting scheme incorporates native English And New Zealand plants in hot and spicy colours.

Finally, a simple lighting scheme gives gentle illumination to the garden. Flush stainless steel ground lights set into the riser of the arced fixed bench provide a wash of gentle light to the paved circle. Low voltage lighting placed throughout the beds highlight individual plant specimens while providing ambient background illumination. To complete the scheme, a series of in-ground walk-over lights installed in the curved pathways guide the user up either side of the space.

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We were delighted by the design which we felt fully answered our brief to provide both an outside play area for our children together with a stylish entertaining space for the grownups to enjoy and relax in.

The design was innovative and striking but still very practical and functional. We have had excellent reactions from all our family and friends.

The Earth Designs team who built the garden worked particularly hard throughout a very bad winter. We are very pleased with their skilled workmanship, especially with regards to their excellent laying of the paving.

It has been a pleasure working with such a reliable and conscientious team and we would like to wish them every success in the future.

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