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Modern Garden Design in Leigh-on-Sea


Earth Designs have years of experience working on all kinds of garden design in Leigh-on-Sea. We are a skilled and reliable team of local garden designers and landscapers. On this page, we will take you through the process of designing specifically a modern garden in Leigh-on-Sea.
garden design Leigh-on-Sea


The clients have decorated the interior of their family home beautifully and are now turning their attention to the exterior space. They wish to create a garden which caters to the whole family, with provision for socialising, relaxation and play for the children. Their budget is limited, so although they wish to maximise the use of the space they are prepared to undertake the project in stages if necessary. The garden is east facing so is fairly shady down the right hand side throughout the day.


The layout of this design is intended to make the most of the sun throughout the day. A gravel path leads from the back door to a large sandstone patio on the left hand side of the garden. The patio will be framed by a wall of large fibreglass planters around the right hand corner to screen the area from the rest of the garden and providing a block of colour. A gravel pathway will lead up the left hand side of the garden to a second patio spanning the width of the space at the back. This patio will be covered by a timber pergola which will allow for the addition of a hammock or swing, to create for a den space. A low raised bed constructed from new railway sleepers that runs down the right hand side. The centre of the garden will feature a large artificial lawn. The fences will be replaced as necessary (along the rear boundary) and clad all round with horizontal softwood slats. The shed, pergola and boundary cladding will be painted in dark grey to create a uniform and stylish backdrop to the space. The planting scheme focuses on red tones, mixing evergreen shrubs alongside long flowering herbaceous perennials.

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