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Roof Garden in Wapping East London


Earth Designs have years of experience working on all kinds of garden design in East London. We are a skilled and reliable team of local garden designers and landscapers. On this page, we will take you through the process of designing specifically a roof garden in Wapping.
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The clients wanted to change a tired but modern balcony terrace overlooking Tower Bridge on the Thames into a fun but sophisticated area for relaxation and entertaining. The flat is in a block with very tight restrictions on what can and cannot be done to its exterior appearance. Achieving the desired effect within these restraints required a degree of lateral thinking and ingenuity.


This riverside terrace garden is been designed with relaxation and sophistication in mind. The focus is on simplicity, combining high-quality features with a hint of playfulness, to avoid detracting from the magnificent views of the Thames and Tower Bridge beyond. Yellow Balau smooth planed hardwood decking provides a contemporary finish to the flooring throughout, arranged to draw the eye out across the river and chosen to reflect the terrace’s waterside character.

To the left hand side of the terrace a slightly raised deck provides a platform for a lounge area, featuring a large weather proof mattress and cushions, from which to relax and enjoy the view of the bridge. A small waterproof storage area beneath this platform keeps the cushions dry and clean over the winter months. A stunning illuminated cube water feature, flanked on either side by eye-catching Cordylines contained in self-illuminated planters, were installed along the rear boundary wall directly opposite the patio doors, to create an impressive welcome to the space.

Further framing to the terrace is provided by an illuminated planter installed beside both of the pillars supporting the balcony of the flat above. Planting was selected for low maintenance, all year interest and wind tolerance. The right hand side of the terrace forms the main dining area.

Featuring funky illuminated curved seating and three bespoke mobile decking stools around a central glass topped illuminated table, the area offers ample opportunity for alfresco entertaining both day and night. Groups of column lights of varying heights are set adjacent to the dining area and on the raised platform. The lighting focal point is the fun sculptural 6-pointed stars.

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Although we had a good sized patio area with fantastic views over Tower Bridge, the space simply didn’t work for us and we rarely used it. The design process was very interactive. We had a really open exchange of ideas, and relied heavily on Katrina’s creativity and imagination to overcome some restrictive lease requirements. The brief to the team was to give the space a cool and modern ‘Ibiza style’ look and feel which would be suitable for both entertaining and relaxing. This was primarily achieved through the clever use of sculptural (and functional) lighting and bold colours.

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