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Sensory Garden Design in Essex


Earth Designs have years of experience working on all kinds of garden design in Essex. We are a skilled and reliable team of local garden designers and landscapers. On this page, we will take you through the process of designing specifically a sensory garden in Essex.
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This interior of this family home has been renovated throughout, including construction of an extension to the rear of the property. The client has now turned their attention to the outdoor space. They require a design that accommodates the needs of their two autistic teenage children, is wildlife friendly, includes provision for grow-your-own gardening, and is also aesthetically pleasing. A large existing shed to the right of the space can be retained, but possibly moved to a new location. The client has also requested inclusion of a new summerhouse in the design. The front garden should include an in/out driveway with parking space for two cars.


The new design is based on swirls and curves. A large spiral of porous resin bound aggregate flooring will sweep round to the back left corner of the garden, where a corner summerhouse will be placed. Directly outside this summerhouse will be a circular pond with a small hardwood decking ‘jetty’. This will allow for pond dipping and wildlife watching. The existing tree in the left-hand corner will remain from which a swing seat will be suspended.

The spiral path/patio will be edged with euonymus hedge to create a neat boundary. Planting in the beds behind the hedges will be wilder and less formal. Directly outside the back door, a table and chairs can be placed for more formal dining. Moving around to the side of the house, a specimen fruit tree will help create a canopy and give the area a feeling of privacy and separation. A bistro style table and chairs placed on the patio underneath will help unite this area. Railway sleeper raised beds will allow for growing fruit and veg. The existing shed will be moved to the back of the side way. A new gate will separate the back from the front garden. Curvaceous beds will soften the edges of the square plot along the side and front of the house. Porous resin bonded aggregate flooring will continue in sweeping curves along the side and front of the house to create a continuous finish and practical solution. Planting in the space will focus on wildlife friendly plants, with long flowering perennials, berries and fruits trees, and pond plants supporting a myriad of wildlife creatures.

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I’m very happy with my garden which was designed and created by Earth Designs. Kat created a beautiful design that gave us all the different things we wanted and needed. Matt’s team were pleasant to have around. It did take quite a bit longer than originally estimated to complete but it was totally worth the wait and we’re really looking forward to the summer this year and spending time in our garden.

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