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Shady Terrace House Garden in East London


Earth Designs have years of experience working on all kinds of garden design in East London. We are a skilled and reliable team of local garden designers and landscapers. On this page, we will take you through the process of designing specifically a shady garden in East London.
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This long urban garden was almost completely bare, but for two large established trees. The client had attempted to construct a pond in the near right corner using green slate boulders as a decorative surround, and requested that this should be finished and included in the design.
The interior of the house had a modern, contemporary feel fused with Victorian architecture. As the patio doors lead directly from the kitchen/diner into the garden, the garden becomes very much an extension of the house – as such the style of the interior was of particular consideration in the design the exterior space


The final design created a low maintenance garden with a simple and contemporary feel. The area directly behind the house was laid with decking, running half way down the left side of the space. New wooden fences, to replace the existing worn out wire fences, were erected down the right of the garden, onto which a selection of clematis and everlasting sweet peas were trained.

The main area of the garden consisted of a tapered, oval shaped lawn, encircled by a raised bed following the same shape as the lawn. A smaller, tapered oval raised bed in the middle of the lawn served to slightly mask the bottom of the garden, breaking up the space and helping to create a sense of intrigue.

The simplicity of the borders was echoed in the planting, which consisted of white flowers and green foliage. Cool, crisp and elegant, a white planting scheme provides an air of harmony and tranquillity, and is well suited to the style of the garden and the interior of the house. An area devoted to graceful architectural ferns helped to accentuate the simplicity of the space and serves to provide a stunning and effective display throughout the year.

Re-designing the layout of the client’s existing pond, using state boulders together with a powerful pump to produce an effective waterfall, helped to create a striking water feature. The pond and surrounding area was given life with the addition of water lilies and other aquatic and semi-aquatic plants. A bowed Cedrus libani (ssp.atlantica) ‘Glauca’, trailing branches in the water, presented the final flourish to the space.

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Katrina and her team worked extremely hard and long hours to complete the garden quickly and with minimum disruption to our home. Considering that we have no access other than through the entire house, there was almost no disruption to our lives.
Watching the garden grow from its original design and come to life was amazing. It exceeded our expectations completely, and the aftercare pack and service offered by Earth Designs was brilliant.
We have no hesitation in recommending Earth Designs to any of our friends, who have also been amazed with our fantastic new garden – of course we have been showing it off at every sunny opportunity. Thanks to Katrina and her team at Earth Designs for such a fantastic design, utilising the space brilliantly and creating an outside space that we are extremely proud of.

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