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Small Modern Garden in West London


Earth Designs have years of experience working on all kinds of garden design in West London. We are a skilled and reliable team of local garden designers and landscapers. On this page, we will take you through the process of designing specifically a small garden in West London.
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This space was a blank canvas as the house was a recent new build, and it was provided with sound fences and a brick wall. The clients desired a contemporary chic garden with playful twists and a sense of humour, with low maintenance planting


This design uses a recurring motif of sinuous curves and spheres to create a fluid space in which all the elements – flooring, planting, seating – are linked by this common theme.

A 2.4m diameter Indian sandstone circular patio located in the top right corner of the space forms the main dining/seating area. From this area a series of curved pathways, all constructed from hoggin (self-binding aggregate) edged with Indian sandstone setts, emanate like tendrils around the space. One pathway arcs towards the garden gate, broadening as it does so, while another snakes down the centre of the space to join a second, smaller sandstone patio directly outside the left hand patio doors. A third path sweeps down the right side of the garden, spiralling past the right hand patio doors to terminate in an eye-catching stainless steel sphere water feature. The last path will encircle the main focal point of the garden: a magnificent, visually arresting rotating orb mini-office/lounger. This structure has a sculptural timber framework, and is finished in stainless steel and chrome. The interior contains a table and soft seating. The table retracts, allowing the space to be laid out as a single day bed arrangement as required.

An external weatherproof canopy provides additional shelter encloses the open entrance from the elements.

Sandstone globes and stainless steel spheres are scattered throughout the planting beds continue the spherical theme.

The planting scheme also echoes the curved theme, featuring architectural box balls and tall sensual Allium. A mixture of swaying grasses and prairie flowers provide an evergreen backdrop and seasonal colour.

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Our fears about what could go wrong with garden designing were utterly unfounded thanks to Kat, Matt and their friendly professionalism. From the initial consultation, when Kat dreamt up an original design that we loved, through to the finishing touches Matt insisted on making, there was real determination to please. We wanted the whole thing to be project managed to avoid hassle for us, and they did that superbly. We can’t recommend them highly enough. We have a beautiful garden that we love, and it was brilliant to create it with two such talented and friendly people.

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