Postal Garden Design Surrey

Grow a Friendly Space


This postal garden design has just been completed for a client in Tadworth, Surry. The property was built in 1988 and has a garden that is already landscaped but is looking tired and outdated. The couple have a new baby, so are looking for a design that is family friendly. There are several mature trees and an acer palmatum to be retained in the new design. The clients would like a clean simple look, and have an affinity with Japanese gardens. There are a few level changes in the garden addressed in the re-design. The client requires a low maintenance garden suitable for entertaining and relaxations, including a paved area with space for BBQ and a children’s play area which can easily be seen from house. The garden also needs refencing. They expressed a preference for a curved garden design. This will be a self-build project and the client has a low budget.


We sent the client three concept sketches from which they could choose their preferred layout

They opted for scamp number 3, and requested minor changes, such taking the squaring off the patio by the house back to the house and enlarging the children’s play lawn. The final design has a curved patio adjoining the house, with a flush planting bed to the left. An archway and step up lead to an elliptical lawn to house children’s play equipment, with a flush bed on the right. Another arch leads to a second lawn which is level with the first lawn. An arced pathway sweeps down the left hand side of the garden, leading from the main patio adjoining the house to a paved circle at the bottom of the garden. At the beginning 0f this pathway are 3 timber arches, with a further 3 arches straddling the path about two thirds along its length. A large raised bed 50cm high stretches down the left side following the curve of the path to address the level change in this section of the garden.

family garden design
family garden design