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This large and slightly sloping garden belongs to a lady from Norfolk who contacted us about a Postal Garden Design. She has a disabled daughter, so requires a disabled-friendly garden with good wheelchair access so that her daughter can use the whole of the space. The client liked two gardens in our Garden Design Portfolio in particular – ‘The Orb’ which features spirals through the space, and ‘Curves in all the Right Places’ which contains an integrated semi-circular bench seat.

A compacted Hoggin patio directly adjoining the house will gently narrow into a path which spirals towards the centre of the garden where it will widen into a circle. This area will be framed by a semi-circular rendered block bench backed by a raised bed filled with herbs. A series of vertical landscape poles in a flush level bed beyond the seating area will add height and interest to the garden. Lush tropical plants fill the bed to create architectural interest throughout the year. The landscape poles these are interlinked with squares of purple, red, orange and pink Perspex to add healthy dose of year-round colour.

Further curved paths lead past an elliptical artificial lawn to two small circular sections of Hoggin. One area will house an outdoor kitchen complete with barstools, counter and barbecue. The third and final area will accommodate a shed, which will be screened from the rest of the garden by with landscape poles and Perspex squares. This area will also house play equipment such as a sandpit and trampoline, and possibly also a hot tub, so would be densely planted with architectural specimens to provide privacy and interest. A good lighting scheme will help to bring the garden to life during the evening.

family garden design
family garden design