Private garden design ideas – the best trees for screening

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Why trees?

Creating privacy in the garden is often one of the things I frequently get asked to achieve.  In all private garden design ideas,  creating a space that feels secure with privacy is important.

Many screening trees often have a clear system to reach up to fence panel height of around 1.82 m. Then they have a bushy canopy above. This type of screening is particularly useful if you are overlooked by neighbouring properties, and would like to draw the eye towards a specific feature, or would like to retain low-level exposure i.e. of an attractive wall or area.

Below I give you 10 top great trees for screening that you could use as a private garden design idea:

  • Cherry laurel
  • Cyprus oak
  • English you
  • Holly
  • Home oak
  • Hornbeam
  • Lombardi poplar
  • Magnolia grandiflora
  • Western red cedar
  • White cedar

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