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The client would like to transform their roof terrace into a versatile space for all the family to enjoy, including sensory activities for the children.

It is very exposed and gets a lot of sun, so some screening and shade is necessary.

Ample storage is also required.

The existing paving slabs should be retained, as they are in line with the interior threshold.


Directly outside the patio doors will be a small section of the existing paving. To the left hand side beneath the overhang will be a fibreglass planter and bespoke timber storage box. To the right hand side along the front of the paving will be an aluminium water table powder coated a colour of the client’s choice, installed beside a cube fibreglass planter.

There will be a step up from the paving to a decked patio laid with Design Board composite boards, which will form the flooring throughout the remainder of the space. The middle section of the roof garden will feature a vented powder coated aluminium pergola to provide shelter and shade in all weather. Two fibreglass planters installed down the left-hand side will add colour and foliage. A deep bench constructed from Design Board decking in a contrasting colour to the flooring will provide ample seating and lounging opportunity with storage to house a sandpit on wheels underneath. A folding table stored behind the bench will provide a makeshift back and can be pulled out when clients wish to dine.

At the rear of the space will be an L-shaped sofa, separated from the bespoke decked bench by a large curved trough planter. Two tall fibreglass tank planters installed along the parapet at the rear boundary will provide further colour to the space, with a large planter to the right hand side planted with a slender silver birch. The existing fences will remain and painted a colour of the client’s choice. Earth Designs recommend either dark grey or navy.

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family garden design