This client is exciting For Earth Designs as it is for a school garden design.

school garden design before Earth Designs created a theatre style

The brief 

The school has acquired a large piece of land, adjacent to the existing playground, the school is already blessed with a gardening area, large play and activity space, so have decided to develop the new plot into an outdoor performance area.  A new development for a school garden design. 

Earth Designs' sketch for school garden design

The Solution

The school garden design will be structured in the style of an amphitheatre, using banks of rocks filled with gabions, with decked tops as seating around a central circle of artificial lawn. The area where the action happens will comprise curved stone path arching around a semi-circle made of existing paving slabs. This will be backed by a series of posts strung with horizontal rows of washing lines to enable pupils to hang artwork, sheets and other scenery backdrops.

Move to the other end of the school garden design and there will feature a box office combined with a storage area, constructed from timber using exterior plywood and decorated with blackboard paint and tall posts onto which could be used as flag poles. A countertop will enable snacks and drinks to be served during performances.

A tall weatherproof cupboard to the right of the entrance could be used to store floor cushions for extra seating. The entrance itself will feature an archway, and to the left of this will be a smaller, more cosy area featuring a paved circle for small group work.

Our moodboards

School Garden Design Ideas - Earth Designs

Garden Design Ideas Board 2 ED301

planting plan for school garden design

The Plants

Planting will be vibrant and colourful and will focus on spring and autumn blooms to ensure the best appearance during the main times of the term, with a constant backbone of evergreen shrubs for year-round interest.

outdoor ampitheatre school garden design

The colour scheme

There is a not a set scheme as such, but just that it’s vibrant and colourful and it is the aim that the pupils will create their own colours and designs with artwork.

The full concept gallery

south london garden design sketch - Earth Designs

school garden design

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