Screening in Urban Garden Design

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decorative screen for urban garden design

Screening is so often very key in Urban Garden Designs. A screen can hide a multitude of sins: an ugly garage, an unsightly wall or a shed that has seen better days.

Design Benefits

From a designers perspective they also help to divide the garden up into smaller spaces or zones and can provide great backdrops for climbers or a voile for other plants. Screens are very easy to erect and the possibilities are endless. From wire mesh to Perspex, timber to walling there is so many ways you can use them in a space to hide and carve up your garden design. We nearly always use screens in our gardens as they are perfect solution for some many scenarios. There are plenty of off the shelf as well as bespoke options to choose from, and layering the up also make for exciting dynamics.

Steel yourself!

These lazer cut screens by Lump in New Zealand are definitely getting added into my scrapbook. Available in Corten steel with a rusted finish or aluminium with a faux finish, the idea is you can push and pull the falling leaves to establish the pattern for yourself. If you are looking for some privacy in your urban Garden design, these are a real contender – you just need to work out how to get them to the UK from Australia!