Seeds of Design – Art deco garden design is picturesque

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A beautiful cruise ship poster from the 1920s inspired Katrina to create an art deco garden design.

Completely iconic in its design, this bold art deco poster advertises cruise ships in the Pacific.

Beautiful inspirations

This garden is based on strong block shapes met with concentric circles to provide the timeless classic art deco feeling. This was inspired from the drawing of the ship and its beautifully shaped funnels.

Art Deco design layout

Katrina will often use art deco when stuck for design layout. In this design, a large patio sits outside the backdoor. A black pool, reflective of the sky above separates this patio from the centre of the garden. A gravel semi-circle separates the patio from the lawn. Across the back of the patio, three planters in stainless steel (reminiscent of the time,) decrease in size but stay united in the plant inside them. A semi-circular path way to the left of the garden leads to the side gate.

The materials

The paving in the garden would be a slick grey porcelain, to give a smooth and elegant look. A black slate or porcelain is the style for the second patio, whilst a warm aggregate features in the semicircle. Stainless steel planters provide a great contrast in texture and timeless look. The reflective nature of both the planters and the pool gives a high-class glamour appeal. It will help in creating an art deco garden design.

The plants

To stick with the colour theme on the poster, soft greys and grasses will be used through the planting scheme, to reflect motion and the muted tones of the poster. Strong architectural shapes will be positioned amongst them showing the strength of the ship and industry.

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