Seeds of Design – Square garden design can really shape it

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Katrina recently visited the Design Museum in Kensington and one of the displays gave her seeds of inspiration for a square garden design.

The Design Museum offers a look into the history of contemporary design, and opportunities to explore the present and future of design through temporary exhibitions and pop-ups.

Inspired by different heights

It was a series of small plinths, that were all different heights, but sat on squares of the same size. Each of them giving a different form. The whole display was set out in pure white granite. It gave a great inspiration for a square garden design layout

The layout

Katrina wanted to create squares that travel across the space. Based on the grid system, similar to the plinths on display, the areas grow and shrink to form patios, planting areas and pathways. All laid in large format white porcelain, each area could have a different usage to it. Simple, and full of impact, this layout would be suited to any small garden.

The materials

For this square garden design, the materials would be simple, and repetitive. It would be good to limit it to one type of material, such as a white large slab porcelain. Large planters in a simple white fibreglass, would echo the right plinths in the space.

The plants

To reflect the mixed organic shapes on top of each of the plinths, planting would be repetitive and limited to a dozen or so plants. Small sedums, or other ground cover plants would weave in between the large slabs, whilst around the edges a mixture of strong bold architectural shapes would be broken up with smaller, softer herbaceous perennials.

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