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Self-watering planter is the answer to my prayers

garden design

Something that makes my life easier is always good news and nothing is more so than a self-watering planter. It is stylish and practical.

self-watering planter

This self watering planter ticks both boxes

The garden of a garden designer

People assume because I am a garden designer that I have an amazing garden. Not true. I have grand ideas about how I would like my garden to look, but it doesn’t always work out like that. Every year I diligently plant out the pots around my front door and water them for the first couple of times and then forget, Or don’t have time, or think I’ll get back to that later. Another day. They end up looking more dead than alive. Every year, I try and streamline my spare time a little bit more, but still have to remember to water the pots.

The perfect solution

That is why I love self-watering planters, but have always struggled to find one that actually looks nice. They always seem to look like something you would find in a hospital ward. However these ones from Glowpear tickled my fancy. They seem to have a good range of different shapes, styles and sizes ranging from the urban garden, to the cafe planter, from the mini-wall to the mini-rail and the mini-bench. They all seem to be suitable for indoors or outdoors meaning that you could move your plants around if you need to.

The mini-wall planter

I particularly like the mini-wall planter, as I think often wall plants are the hardest ones to keep on top of. With the mini-wall you can cultivate fresh produce effortlessly and the self-watering planter is specifically designed to make wall-mounted vertical gardening simple and rewarding. It is a neat looking product that can be fixed to any vertical structure or boundary, and I think delivers a practical solution. I just need to source them in UK now.