Simple Family Garden Design – A garden with two views

garden design

This simple family garden design is based on a striking necklace by Annelies Planteyat. The delicate nature of the piece is reflected in the use of shape and materials in an arresting design.

Simple Family Garden Design inspiration Annelies Planteyat

A bold yet simple design for a family garden based on a necklace by Annelies Planteydt

The main area of the garden is laid to lawn, suitable for family ball games and other activities, edged in long narrow strips of white travertine for easier mowing. A rectangular area of decking in the back left corner features a cut-out following the line of lawn edging, filled with either artificial lawn or a ground cover plant such as creeping thyme. The decking is edged in black slate strips, exploring the contrast displayed in the necklace that inspired this simple family garden. Planting in the space would come from structural evergreen shrubs selected for year round interest and leaf colour.