Small Family Garden Design Idea – Some ideas for how to order the space.

garden design

small family garden design idea

This garden is inspired by a Philip Treacy hat recently featured at the Isabella Blow exhibition. The drama in the hat is reflected in this small family garden design  and tried to imbue the same drama and atmosphere within its design.

A large simple long piece do decking sweeps boldly across and shaped lawn, arching upwards to a pin at the far. This creates a storing line across and up the space like a large wave, creating vertical lines across, the space. This imposing structure is to be created using hardwood and form the highest point stainless steel tension wires are anchored back down to the floor. This structure flips over on itself to create shade, perfect for a south facing garden design. Children’s play equipment can be laid out on the decking or artificial lawn. Another small family garden design idea would be to include an archway in the design on which you could hang a swing and change the apparatus as the child got older.

The lawn is also a dramatic arc shape following the contours the peak of the hat creates. Box balls echo the polka dot material while a slate pathway lead down the garden crosses over the decking to the bottom of the garden.