Garden design hotline #25: A small garden design makes its mark

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These clients from North London needed a small garden design for an incredibly teensy space – the plot measured 5m x 2.5m. They were stuck for design ideas, and who can blame them? Katrina, the senior designer at Earth Designs, visited to give them a free garden design consultation

Garden for the children

Often with a small garden it is very difficult to work in children’s play equipment. Katrina managed to make some suggestions to include the younger members of the family. A panel of marine ply would be mounted on the brick wall and painted with blackboard paint for fun chalk drawings. A large open pergola also allowed a strong framework for a swing, hammock. A sheet could be thrown over to create a den. A water blade set into the wall also allowed for play as the young girl could fill up containers and pour them into the aggregate rill – a small stream constructed in the garden.

Planting a small garden

When dealing with a planting scheme in a small space, it is often best to keep things simple, either by selecting no more than five types of plant or one colour scheme. Katrina proposed that this garden should be a selection of different types of green. This would turn the planting into a real statement, by selecting shades from citric colours right through to deep, dark glossy greens.

Garden furniture

In a garden design for small space, garden furniture can be of key importance. Often bulky, you need some remarkable design techniques to help it work with the space. Katrina proposed an L-shaped bench attached to a raised flowerbed, wide enough to lay on and be dressed with some cushions. A folding table in the centre of the garden could then be hung on the wall creating as much space as required.

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