Got a small Garden Design and need to pack a punch? This is a new take on the traditional tree seat. Bench seating with incorporated planting is not a new concept for Earth Designs – it is a great way to maximise space in our smaller London Garden Designs. However our common perception of a tree seat is a romantic one that wraps around the trunk of a mature tree. This offers  a great space saving alternative, small enough for a balcony or front garden and yet grand enough to make a statement on a patio. It is called the Romeo and Juliet bench by Extremis and the concept behind it is simple: ‘Just as Romeo and Juliet, the trees are destined to be together without being able to ever touch each other. The bench seems to float between the trees.’ I would like to fast forward a few years and see if as the trunks thicken up the tree branches do end up meeting above to create a canopy. This would possibly work well with a fruit tree such as a Prunus and create a romantic setting. Naturally the tree would have to be planted in to the ground. If this item proved cost preclusive, to make it yourself would not be too difficult with a high grade hardwood timber, a good jigsaw and a steady hand.