South London Garden Design London Before Shot

This south london garden is extremely overgrown and in need of a complete re-design


This South London garden had been left untouched for a number of years.  It was extremely overgrown when the client bought the property some years before and she has had little time to do anything with it since. Earth Designs suggested a low maintenance space, with a large terrace directly outside the backdoor accommodating fixed bench seating and a multipurpose table/ day bed so that she is able to make good use of sunny spot in the garden.  The client wanted a low cost water feature , and we suggested a stainless steel water blade falling into some cobbles.

South London Garden Design Concept Sketch

Our design creates a useable garden full of intrigue and interest

The second half of the garden features a series of screens to create a sense of journey through the space.  The back of the garden is accessed via several paved ‘landing pads’, each slightly offset from the next and enclosed by an archway extending into the planting beds on either side from which the client could hang chain curtain, weatherproof fabric or other adornmentation. The end of the garden is overlooked by the gardens beyond, so we suggest a wooden Pergola covered with rusty iron mesh installed over a sandstone paved patio.

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