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This family were looking for South London garden designer to give them some ideas for their tired garden plot. They had carried out extensive renovations to the back of the house and created a large modern family room with bifold doors. The garden had been the same for many years and they were looking to breathe new life into it with some creative, dazzling concepts.


Family space in this South London garden design

Family space in this South London garden design


Change in level

There was a reasonable change in level from the floor inside to the garden outside. Katrina proposed a narrow deck leading off at the same height as the lounge, and then stepping down to a large decked dining area. A planting bed at garden ground level provided opportunity for playing with the idea of scale and proportion.

Specimen trees

A line of specimen trees down the right hand side helped with privacy as well as providing a flow from the decked dining area to the pathway. Privacy along this boundary was an issue, but they did not want to create shade or bulk. Katrina proposed some boxhead specimen trees to create a modern and practical solution.

Lawn space

Whilst the children at the residence were very grown-up, it was a family house and Katrina felt it important that it retained a large area of lawn. This is normally expected in the family house, and whilst you may plan on staying in your house for many years to come, it is worth being mindful of the fact of who your target market might be should you decide to sell.

Family space

Towards the back of the garden between included a pergola. Large enough to take a large modular sofa, a railway sleeper bench and oak cubes where also to be included. This pergola was to be part roofed with a laser cut metal screen. This provided shade as well as interesting shadow-play on the floor below. Panels could be added as required to give a feeling of enclosure.

Table tennis

The client had a love of table tennis and wish to include a table in the garden. There was a large oak tree at the bottom of the plot, with a reasonable space beyond. Our south London Garden designer, Katrina, felt that this was the ideal spot to place the table tennis table for year-round family fun.

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