We need some ideas from a South London Garden designer.

garden design

This client was looking for some suggestions for their South London Garden designer. There is a garage at the rear of her garden which she plans to convert into an office or spare room at some point. Therefore the garden will in time become a walkway from the main house to the new office. She has done extensive work on the interior and now wants some solutions for how to tackle the outside space.

Since they moved into the property it has been on the cards to look at the garden and make use of the under used by huge garage at the bottom, and it made sense to consider how the garden would unfiy the house and the garage. Since there is already a structure on the plot at the bottom she would be able to get planning permission fairly easily.

South London Garden designer

The design places a dining area with provision for BBQs which the client enjoys. A simple yet elegant water feature will becomes a focal point to the space. A raised bed to the left of the garden is intended to combat an existing level change, while stepping stones placed through an artificial lawn in the centre of the space will allow for the increased traffic through the space when the office is built.