Storage solutions for Garden design in London – the Shoffice

garden design

I am often briefed to include a garden office or room within garden design in LondonIt is widely accepted that city gardens tend to be compact and often need to pack a lot into a small space.

When space is at a premium and the house can be extended no more, the value of the garden space becomes ever more important and the list of requirements for the space increases. Garden offices come in a variety of specifications and prices and the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ was ever thus, but as a designer something which can become a feature in the garden is always a big tick and will only add value to your house. That is why this garden office designed by Platform 5 architects is really exciting.

As they put it: ‘The Shoffice (shed + office) is a garden pavilion containing a small office alongside garden storage space located to the rear of a 1950’s terraced house in St John’s Wood, a garden design in London, with the brief requiring the shoffice to be conceived of as a sculptural object that flowed into the garden space.

The glazed office space nestles into an extruded timber elliptical shell, reminiscent of a wood shaving, and forms a small terrace in the lawn. The interior is oak lined and fitted out with a cantilevered desk and storage. Two rooflights – one glazed above the desk with another open to the sky outside the office bring light into the work space.’