Grow a Friendly Space


This long garden has an existing sandstone patio which is to remain, but the rest of the garden is disjointed and lacking interest. The client would like to create some flow and cohesiveness incorporating the existing patio, outbuilding, as well as the additional land to the right hand side of the property.

The garden is sunny and would benefit from some shade. The client would like to make sure the whole of the garden is used and would consider a structure at the bottom of the garden. They would like to keep some of the existing mature plants and would prefer a couple of entertaining/dining areas.


The existing patio is in good condition and is to remain as is. To the front of this a new patio laid with porcelain paving will be created to offer an additional area for alfresco dining. Four parasol pleached trees installed within cut-outs in the paving will provide some much-needed shade. The pathway along the side of the existing garden room will be widened using railway sleepers as a retaining wall and will be enclosed by a series of timber arches to create height and a sense of journey in the space. The path will lead to a new seating area behind the office building. This will comprise a porcelain tiled patio within a hardwood timber pergola. The pergola will feature a decorative canopy comprising a series of rusted steel reinforcing bars installed between the overhead beams, over which climbing plants could be trained to create an airy structure while proving dappled shade on hot and sunny days.

Another pathway will lead from the seating area to a new garden structure positioned in the bottom right-hand corner of the garden. This structure will feature an internal sunroom, with a covered outside space perfect for creating a cocktail bar.

The existing Acer, Phormium and Apple will remain. The centre of the garden will remain as lawn, with porcelain slab stepping-stones installed along the left hand side leading to a shed in the back left hand corner. Three standard trees will help screen the area from the rest of the garden.

family garden design
family garden design