Summer Houses are the new Beach Huts!

garden design

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Most summerhouses leave me cold. They seem to be not one thing or another, too hot in the summer too cold in the winter. However the summerhouses at the Scotts of Thrapston seem to hit my buttons. I think they are an excellent fusion of classical summer houses and in a way that beach huts are currently enjoying a renaissance. London garden designs need to tick a lot of boxes when spaces are at a premium and people are looking to create extra rooms within the garden. Offices, gyms and playhouses are very often cited in outdoor spaces and it is important to make sure that they sit right.

The Sun Ray garden room offers integrated storage space and seating for 10 people, plus with large glass doors you can really feel like the house is part of the garden so delivers on every level. In some ways I prefer this sort of structure to the full standard garden office as they now seems to be 10 a penny. Lending beautifully with the surrounding landscape its inoffensive and practical. What’s not to like?