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Add a little heat with supercool garden fire pits

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For me no garden is complete these days without a garden fire pit. They’ve been on the market for a few years, but have recently become more and more fashionable. There is nothing quite like cosying up around a fire with a group of friends for the ultimate garden experience. These designer garden firepits from Urban Fires really make my heart skip a beat.

fabulous garden fire pits from Urban Fires

Heat things up with these fabulous garden fire pits from Urban Fires

Burn baby Burn

Manufactured in several different types of materials, they can burn gas, wood or bioethanol. Weatherproof, and produced as either a fire pit, or fire table they offer up a real eye-catching focal point for any relaxation area in the garden. Don’t forget that fire also provides a light source as well as heat, ticking two boxes.

Any shape, any size, any colour.

However you want to get your heat, whether it is a garden fire pit, outdoor fireplace or fire bowl, Urban Fires seems to have the solution. From the ever popular green egg, through to fire pits and fire tables, however you choose to heat things up and in whatever style, Urban Fires seem to have all bases covered.

How does yours burn?

garden fire pit

A bowl from the Indian Fire Bowl Company

There are many products on the market that can deliver fire into the garden. There is a fabulous range of chimneys is on the market along with various gas-powered fires. For me, nothing beats a real naked flame. We recently invested in an Indian fire bowl (pictured) that can double as a barbecue. This is a great option in a small garden where you might not have time space for both fire and barbecue.

The Borc fire pit

garden fire pit

This cast iron Borc dish is strong and weather-resistant material that covers it self with a protective layer of rust when exposed to open air. This provides protection against further corrosion.
This particular dish can be mounted onto the block of wood, or be placed directly on the patio. Bold and sassy, it is a real show stopper.

Stand out from the crowd

I always like it when a product offers a break from the norm. The gardens I design feature fire pits from the plain to the bizarre, and offer a real focal point to any garden space. Sometimes when space is tight, you often need a product to do two jobs at once, so anything that is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical is always a big feature in my designs.