Theydon Bois Garden Design

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This client has completed extensive renovations to the interior of their large detached property and are now turning their attention to the exterior space

The garden has fabulous views across the countryside but the sloped nature makes it difficult to use to its full potential

The existing ‘Breeze House’ structure is to remain but the client would like it to blend into the rest of the garden.

The area in the top right corner of the space garden catches the most of the sun and is used frequently by the client.

Would like to keep the existing decking.


The existing decking directly adjoining the house will remain as is. Leading away from the house on the left-hand side will be a new pathway laid with porcelain paving slabs, which will enable easier access to the breeze house in back left corner of the garden. The breeze house itself will be painted with Cuprinol Garden Shades ‘Black Ash’ and a larger decked area constructed to the front of the breeze house will provide additional space to place a planted pot or garden chair.

A series of terraced steps will lead from the breeze house to the raised platform at the far right hand side of the garden, to create a more dynamic journey through the space. These steps will be flanked by several GRP fibreglass planters of various dimensions installed along the rear boundary.

The raised terrace in the top right corner will be laid with porcelain paving and enhanced by the addition of a timber pergola to create a sense of enclosure. Several planted pots of various sizes will be placed around the terrace for additional privacy. Along the right-hand boundary the existing shrubs will be removed and the fence replaced. To the front of this will be a new planting bed. The rest of the space will remain as lawn.

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