Garden Design Top Tips #8: Using flags, banners and bunting in your garden…

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Garden Design Top Tips Flowers, paint or foliage are not the only way to add colour and interest to your garden. Flags are a wonderful way to add not only colour, but texture and movement into you outdoor space. Consider hanging bunting from tree boughs, or even across a garden. Windsocks, flags and banners will introduce height to an otherwise flat space. Try sticking to trusted garden design principles by using rhythm in your selection, such as groupings of 3 poles, or a symmetrical pattern.

Bunting is so easy to make and great fun for children to get involved with as well.

1) Draw a triangle on some cardboard and cut it out to use as a template.
2) Pin the template to your fabric and cut around it using pinking shears to avoid fraying. Repeat until you have enough flags.
3) Evenly space the flags along the bias binding tape, folding the shortest edge over, and pin in place.
4) Sew on the flags with a straight stitch, leaving at least 40cm of tape free from flags at each end for hanging.

So simple. Why not try making waterproof bunting from plastic sheeting, rubble sacks or oil cloths?