Tropical Garden Design – Big Bold and Leafy.

garden design

This garden design concept is inspired by a set of drawers called Wooden Heap.

Irregular wooden blocks are the recurrent material in this Tropical Garden Design. The fusion between big leafy greens and warm hardwood decking is tried and tested and works very well to create a tropical paradise theme.

A random-lay slate patio in the bottom left of the space leads on to a series of large slate slabs that zigzag across the garden to a second paved area in the back right.

Large planting beds to either side of the patios and path will feature a series of wooden screens constructed from irregular wooden blocks stacked end-on to create a solid structure. The screens will have a quality similar to that of the chest of drawers which inspired the design. Three wire gabion columns also give the garden definition and form, which will create an interesting visual effect at night when lit by a spotlight placed to cast long shadows across the space. Gabions are have great versatility for use in constructing a garden  as they can be dressed with a variety of decorative materials, such as empty glass bottles, timber, stone slabs, cobbles, pebbles, metal, and packed out in the centre with site-waste such as soil and rubble.

Planting will be jungle themed, with large leafy perennials and ferns filling the space. Tropical Garden Design is very dependent on the planting, but it is important to make sure you select plants that will survive the British climate.

Tropical Garden Design