Urban Garden Art

Grow a Friendly Space

An Urban Garden artist I recently stumbled across is Tom ‘Inkie’ Bingle. I am particularly drawn to his work as it reminds me of the lovely fluid shapes which epitomise Art Nouveau. Either way, strange as it may sound, graffitti can be a very useful tool in a garden. Where you have a large ugly wall, or wish to make a statement, what could be better than creating a giant mural. Redefining an urban artform most commonly found under flyovers and on bridges and removing it from its usual setting can prove to be a very exciting prospect.

Not for the fainthearted, this discipline should be approached with caution. If you plan quite a busy or complex graffiti design full of colour and curves, I would advise muted paving or decking and neutral furniture. There will only be room in the garden for one attention grabbing feature and the sheer rawness of graffiti means it will take no prisoners. If in doubt ask a garden designer to work with a graffiti artist to create the ideal piece, or employ the services of an artist to create the perfect piece for you.

family garden design
family garden design