Garden Design Company

  • Meanwhile in the studio, Katrina has been working on her  postal garden design for Croydon. The client had selected which of the three options she preferred and had requested we draw up option 3 to scale. She wants bright colourful plants in a traditional cottage layout. She has several existing items of garden furniture, such as obelisks and rose arches, that she wants to incorporate in the new design. Katrina compiled her planting plan and  included all her items on her wish list and sent the plan across. Her response was great: ‘Thank you so much for your help and your suggestions, that should be fine then, thank you for your prompt responses. Your service has been amazing!’
  • Katrina has also started the drawings for the garden design in Hackney. This awkward shaped garden throws up challenging design techniques. It is a family garden that requires several multi purposed elements to maximise the space. Katrina now needs to design the planting and lighting scheme to suit.