Bubbles in an Urban Garden Design – Double Bubble

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I am not sure whether I like this or not. On the one hand I love the translucency of the piece – the notion you can sit inside something and still feel very much a part of the outside, in the way a greenhouse or conservatory makes you feel. However at the same time it also seems a bit clinical and looks something akin to an isolation tent. I can see it working in a small or Urban Garden design where things need to be kept light and airy.

Bubbles in an Urban Garden Design

The Invisible House reminds of a small scale Eden project in a domestic setting. It was created as a pilot project in Copenhagen, Denmark by designer Simon Hjermind Jensen, in order to create a micro climate and allow the client to make the most of the limited warmth the northern climate has to offer. It featured a series of interconnected pods, containing grass, planting or seating areas and the designer states that it would be easy to recreate to exact specifications and permutations of modules relevant to a particular site.

The computer-designed structures are made entirely from durable UV protected polycarbonate and comprise flat panels which are then sewn together to create the 3D domes. The versatility and practicality of the idea means that it is a product that could become highly successful. A great product for difficult exposed sites.